Wondering how we manage your updates on your computers? We use a very powerful Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system. Read more below to find out why this matters.

Why not just use the built in Windows Patching

With the built in windows patching system, though it works most of the time, it includes no management, no forceful installs, or any notifications if things fail or just don't get installed back to the administrator.

Using a management software gives us a base level that a system must meet and if it does not it alerts us that there is an issue with a system. We can then take action from behind the scenes to get the important update installed and remote in to take care of the issue if necessary.

What about third party apps like Java, Adobe, etc..

These apps are very high risk and cause most of the vulnerabilities that we see coming out. These apps don't often self update and can cause serious risk to your computer's security.

We manage those just like any other app, our RMM allows us to push updates and be alerted if they are not installed just like Windows updates. Our RMM manages over 150 third party apps, which is a lot of apps!

How often do you push updates?

We install available updates every day for workstations, workstations are also forced to reboot after the install has been completed.

Servers run on a different schedule to not interfere with other tasks that may be running in your business. We schedule server updates differently for each client to cause the least amount of interruption or downtime as possible. For more information about this or how your updates are managed please use the Submit a Request link at the top of the page.

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